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Should You Use DII Pipe for Horizontal Directional Drilling

Nowadays, there are various types of tools used to install a water pipeline including above grade pier systems, and Horizontal Directional Drilling, open trench/cut. In this article, we have discussed the advantages of using Ductile iron pipe for HDD and also provide a few tips for pipeline installation. If you want quality pipe for your business, then contact a boring pipe supplier as soon as possible.

The Process of Applying HDD to Water Infrastructure

It is also known as directional boring which was developed in 1960. The experts first used it in the oil and gas industry. This process also has helped to evolve the water crossings for pipelines and dredging methods completed the process. For the past few decades, specialists had been using this for gas distribution lines in suburban and urban areas. It is utilized for telecommunication cable which is used at airports, municipal water and highways.

Advantages of Ductile Iron Pipe

Using HDD for your projects is a less expensive deal and not only that but also it reduces the negative impact on the surrounding environment. If the alternative elements need to enhance the pipe size to compete with DI pipe, then the experts also have to increase the drill hole diameter. As a result, the entire process becomes expensive. Keep in mind that the bigger inside diameter of the DI pipe reduces the energy costs compared to other pipe components. Not to forget that the coefficient of thermal expansion which is used in HDPE pipe and PVC is a very important factor. The experts should consider the coefficient of thermal expansion while choosing a pipe material for drilling.

A Few Tips on How to Use Ductile Iron Pipe for HDD

The experts should consider a few effective factors before installing an HDD. First of all, the experts must have to explore the sub-surface. Then they have to make a general inventory about landscape and vegetation. You have to also locate structures and existing utilities. Next, the companies have to collect the environmental, right-of-way permits. Do not forget to get permission to remove the trees.

The Process

You have to set up the HDD equipment and drill a pilot hole to make sure that the drill path has no obstruction in its way. The experts mainly use steerable drill heads depending upon the soil type. They also have to use wire-line type navigation during drilling. Keep in mind that the pilot hole is smaller compared to the final borehole.

After drilling the hole, the experts should start the pre-reaming process. In this process, the experts enlarge the pilot hole to pull the new pipe elements through the borehole.

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Keep in mind that DI pipe is the perfect choice for HDD projects. You can easily install it and can last for many years. If you have any doubt about using DI pipe for Horizontal Directional Drilling, then contact International Pipe & Supply right away.