Our logistics department ensures effective order processing and management.

International Pipe’s logistics team works closely with our sales, purchasing, and administrative departments, as well transportation firms, to safely and efficiently deliver your order, on-time and on-budget! Large-scale, complex business operations, such as shipping/receiving, require strategic and detailed planning. Like solving a puzzle, the logistics process organizes, manages, and implements various interconnected pieces, with ingenuity and persistence!

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The Puzzle of



The logistics process begins when an order is submitted to the sales team. After the order has been placed, we verify that it is in stock in the requested quantities and sizes.


Our logistics department negotiates rates and arranges shipment - whether by truck, rail, or barge - to meet your specific delivery needs. The team will then monitor the project while any custom preparation or fabrication is completed.


All products are quality checked, to ensure that the order has been processed and fulfilled accurately. The necessary transportation documentation and permits are prepared, adhering to state and federal laws, and ensuring that load weight limits aren't exceeded.


Once the order has been loaded and is ready for shipment, one of our logistics coordinators will contact you with a status update and to answer any questions while the order is in transit. Each shipment is closely tracked until the delivery is made safely and on-time.


Our shipping hours may change due to inclement weather or other unexpected circumstances, so please contact us for more information.

Sara Jordan

Logistics Manager

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Valerie Standlee

Logistics Specialist

For any logistics-related inquiries, call the department’s direct line at 405-534-5738.