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Basic Electric Farm Fence Gate Know How Types Tips

More often than not the success of your fencing comes down to the farm fence gates you choose. The right type of gate for your electric fence and its placement are the two key factors determining your fencing configuration’s efficacy.

What Are the Types of Electric Farm Fence Gates?

Wired Gates

Simplistic and minimal, wire gates are built by installing gate anchors on two posts and then running a wire between them. On completion, an insulated gate handle is installed. Wire gates can come with different specifications and are very affordable.

Drive-Through Gate

A drive-through gate is more functional. These gates have two horizontal poles that can be swung 180 degrees inward or outward along with insulated gate handles. A T-posed insulator is often the best insulator for drive-through gates. They are multipurpose, time-saving, and reliable.

Tape Gates (Ideal for Equestrian Facilities)

Tape gates come with three or four strands. They are attached to posts using mounting hardware. The tape is flexible such that it fits gates of different widths. An energy hook feeds current to the gate while it’s shut, the circuit breaks upon opening the gate. Tape gates are compact and economical.

What Are Some Tips for Installation of Electric Fence Gates?

The Gateway Should Retain Current

The gate should conduct current when closed. On opening the gate, the circuit breaks and disconnects power from the gate but the fence on either side should still be live. This can only be done using an underground ground cable. The ground cable you choose should be determined by the energizer.

Gates Should Be Installed Near the Corners

Animals train themselves to avoid being near the sides of a fence given that it electrocutes them on touch. If you install gates smack in the middle of the fence, they will refuse to use it. Instead, install your gates around the corners. Animals equate the break in the fence with safety and will herd through the farm fence gate without much trouble.

Try Not to Splurge on Fancy Gates

Fancy gates are usually a no-no for livestock farms since they are prone to frequent cosmetic damage. Instead, a hardy and durable metal gate is more suited to the purpose. If your pasture is fenced into sections, ensure that the gates are simple and don’t involve heavy machinery. This keeps movement in the pastures convenient and saves time.

Fencing That Fails None

International pipes offer a range of steel farm fence gates through our sister company’s line of Bison tough products. Our fences and gates are built to stand the test of time against wear and brutal weather. In addition to standard sizing, we also provide customized manufacturing services for our patrons. Contact us via our homepage to know more about how International Pipes can assist you in your fencing endeavors.