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Automated Farm Fence Gates 101 What You Should KnowAutomation is quickly becoming popular in Oklahoma’s most popular farm fence gates scenario. In addition to reinforcing security, automated farm gates are also very convenient. Also, brownie points for the aesthetic value they add to your property. Most farmers who got automated gates also pointed out that the gates were extremely durable and sturdy.

Many people express concern over the fact that sophisticated automation technology pushes up the prices but in truth, it does not cost extravagantly much to upgrade from a manually operated farm gate to an automated one.

Automatic Farm Fence Gate Kits

Today the market has a lot of DIY solutions to automating your farm fence gate. However, make sure that you source your DIY kit from a trusted supplier. The ridiculously cheap kits you see online may look attractive, but the flimsy steel and low-quality plastic hinges wear out even before the quarter is up.

A DIY installation can save you a few bucks on installation charges, but a shoddy job can cause potential injuries and property damage. So, unless you are fairly certain in your skills, it’s best to hire a professional fencing contractor.

Solar Powered Automatic Gates

Oklahoma is blessed with ample sunshine year-round. It is the perfect contender for solar-powered automated gates. Solar-powered gates are a big step towards a sustainable future. Not only is it clean energy, but solar panels also make power dissipation easier over large farms.

Over the past years, solar energy has upgraded to monocrystalline panels ensuring that the gates can draw power even when the sky clouds over. Both sliding and swing gates can be converted into solar-powered systems.

How Does an Automatic Gate Work?

Most automatic gates work using a transmitter and remote control. The remote usually has multiple buttons, each channel corresponding to a different system. When the button is pressed, the remote sends a signal to the receiver attached to the gate’s motor. Some gates also use electronic locks and a mobile phone to open and close.

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