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Quality steel pipe fittings are the main success key of the gas, oil and manufacturing industry. The experts cannot continue their work on a daily basis without premium-quality fitting. The poor quality fitting can obstruct the entire operation halfway. Read this article to know how to choose fittings and quality steel pipes for your company. You can also learn how these welded and steel pipe fittings are made and which type of industries are best suited for their installment.

In the industries or companies where chemical, gases, liquid, and other fluid forms are made, used, processed and made, fitting is an important part for them. There are various industries such as construction materials production, pharmaceuticals, gas manufacturing and oil companies that buy the welded pipe fittings from industrial pipe suppliers to accomplish their day-to-day operation with ease.

Benefits of Steel Pipe Fittings

The experts prefer steel for fittings because of various reasons including:

  • High strength
  • High heat resistance
  • Durable

How Can Steel Pipes Prevent Corrosion and Rust?

The material is an alloy that is made of iron and carbon. Normally, steel pipes can be rusted easily. To restrain that, the experts combine other materials with it to make the steel rust-resistant and enhance durability. They coat zinc on galvanized steel to make it corrosion-resistant. They also mix higher carbon levels with carbon steel for durability and better strength. There are mainly two types of steel used in this industry such as carbon steel and galvanized steel.

Importance of Butt Weld Carbon Steel Fittings

The specialists use these types of fittings for joining pipe sections permanently. The butt weld fittings are also used to make reducers, tees and elbows and other joints. This type of steel fitting is extremely important for oil and gas industries due to various reasons.

  • It can change the direction of the pipes.
  • Join tools to the pipe system mechanically.
  • Branch off the pipes.

One of the main reasons for their popularity is that the experts can find it in various sizes from ½ inch to 72 inches. But there are also types of pipe fittings like socket and threaded forms that can be found only in the 4-inch sizes. The advantage of welded pipe fittings are discussed below:

  • Increase strength to piping system
  • Also, provide a robust connection.
  • The ending parts of the welded forms can provide better penetration weld without any additional preparation.

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