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Drill Pipes Utilizing Them as Used Oilfield PipesDo you know that the oil and gas industry requires special tools to complete its projects? Yes, professionals use much different equipment, but a drill pipe is the most interesting option. There are three components of drill pipe:

  • A tube.
  • A pin tool joint welded at one end.
  • Box tool at the other end

The drill pipes differ in classification and style and get chosen according to their application and properties. This type of used oilfield pipe is later helpful for many different kinds of projects. Here in this article, we will discuss the composition of such piping options and much more.

Basic Understanding of Drill Pipe

Before discussing what a drill pipe comprises, let’s discuss what it is. Do you know what a drill string is? It helps to extract resources; a drill string helps to drill underground. The drill pipe is usually made of steel and makes up almost 95% of that drill string. If you ever notice this pipe, you’ll see it as a hollow tube from which drilling fluids flow. This pipe is necessary for the drilling and pumping process to complete successfully.

What Makes These Pipes Functional as Used Oilfield Pipes?

A drill pipe can move drilling fluid for several miles and successfully resist pressure changes. They can transfer the drilling torque to the entire length of the tube. Many industries opt to utilize these types of used oilfield pipes for their own business due to their seamless steel composition. These types of drill pipes can measure from 30 to 33 feet.

The Categories of Steel Pipe

Do you know why spherometers are helpful? Well, they are instruments that help professionals from the oilfield industry observe the sphere’s radius. It helps to check the pipe’s condition to ensure it doesn’t face wear and tear. Some of the categories that you can see after inspection are:

  • Premium class pipe, also known as P-class, states that the pipe can function at a high level without facing many problems. However, they can face wear and tear after being used for a long time.
  • N-class or new pipe are in their best condition when they are strong and does not need any repair.
  • C-class has three further sub-categories and has significant wear and tear. Such used oilfield pipes can also be recycled but might need proper care.

Know About the Size

As you have read before, there are different pipe joints known as ‘Singles.’ Three different ranges of drill pipe fall under the API length range. The length range undergoes classification into one, two and three. However, the oilfield industry usually chooses the range-two pipes. Remember that there are different sizes and materials of drill pipe, so getting one that suits your project isn’t hard. The API range also helps to understand the yield and tensile strength of the drill pipe.

We are Here for You

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