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The Most Essential Features of a Steel Pipe Farm GateFarm gates are essential commodities for farmers to protect their property and cattle. That is why almost all farmers try to look for the best farm fence gates possible. But many still need a clear idea of what they should seek. If you are also one of them, then study this article down to the last detail. It will provide you with some of the features and specifications you will need to look out for to find your dream farm gate.

If you are a farm owner is trying to find a solid and robust farm gate, you should look out for these aspects. The facts we will uncover will lead you to the best metal fence gates for your specific needs.

Why Do You Need Farm Fence Gates?

The first thing you would have to keep in mind while getting your farm gates is why you are buying them. If you make a purchase to protect your hoards of large-sized animals, you need the heaviest and strongest farm fence gates. On the other hand, smaller and lighter gates will be enough for smaller hoards of small-sized animals.

Looking at the Gate Models

While looking for metal farm gates, you will find two common types in the market. They are known as types W and H. If getting your gates at the lowest possible price is your goal, we suggest you go for H-type gates. But if you are looking for extra strength and firmness, W-type gates are comparatively better.

Discussing the Frame’s Necessity

The frame of the gates will provide additional strength and power to them. So, it’s crucial to choose the correct thickness of the edges. As we mentioned before, the gates that guard the smaller animals can be considerably lighter. That means you can use comparatively slender framed gates for such a situation. However, you will have to find gates with robust and solid frames for larger animals. Apart from that, if you try to get a very long gate, you will also have to find gates with solid edges.

The Hinges

The hinges provide the fence gates with power and mobility at the same time. So, it is evident that you must find gates with robust hinges. Otherwise, if your gates face substantial impacts, they will come off the hinges and undergo severe damage. If your gates are more extended than 2.4 meters, you must find hinges with 20 mm eye bolts. Otherwise, up to 16 mm eye bolts should be enough for your gates.

Protect Your Cattle with International Pipe

You just learned about some of the critical factors you must consider when choosing your farm fence gates. Now, you should customize your plan according to your needs. Once that step is over, give us a call. We are International Pipe, one of the leading providers of quality steel pipes for farm gates. Here, you can choose your gates from various materials, frames and hinges. Call now to find the perfect gate that fits your needs.