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Various Types of Pipelines Used in the Gas and Oil IndustryThere is no doubt that pipes, especially steel pipes, are used in various industries, including construction, oil, gas, etc. Experts from various industries prefer to purchase this type of pipe from oil pipe suppliers because of its durability, longevity, and resistance power.

In the oil and gas industry, experts mainly use two types of pipelines- gas and oil pipelines. But keep in mind that apart from these two main types of pipelines, other sub-types of pipelines are also used to transport oil and gas.

Read this article to learn about these pipelines in detail. However, contact an industrial piping company to purchase quality pipelines for your upcoming projects. Reading this article will give you complete clarity of these pipes’ usage in various industries.

Gas Pipelines

When it comes to gas, experts use only specific pipelines for transporting gas. The sub-type pipelines do not only store the gas in the stationary facilities but also deliver them to people’s houses and storage facilities. The subtypes of gas pipelines are feeder pipelines, transmission systems, gathering systems, and distribution systems.

Feeder Pipelines

This type of pipeline is available in small sizes. Their main goal is to transport crude oil and natural gas from processing facilities to transmission pipelines. You can find them in various sizes ranging from six to 12” in diameter. Contact oil pipe suppliers to get quality pipelines for transporting gas and oil.

Transmission Pipelines

This type of pipe transport NGLs, crude oil, and refined products across the countries. These pipelines are very sturdy because they have to work in very harsh environments and the pressure ranging from 200 up to 1,200 psi. The size of this pipes can be up to 42” in diameter.

Buy Gathering Pipelines From an Industrial Piping Company

This type of pipeline basically carries the gas from the original site to storage tanks. They collect the gas through flowlines that are attached to the individual wells in the ground. This pipeline carries products such as natural gas liquids, crude oil, butane, ethane, and propane.

Oil Pipelines

These pipelines mainly transport gas liquids and crude oil. The sub-types of this pipeline are- crude oil pipeline systems, gathering systems, and refined products pipeline systems.

As we have mentioned before that, like the gas pipeline, the gathering pipeline transport the oil and in the meantime, the crude oil pipeline systems carry the oil to a refinery facility.

Once the experts refined the oil, the pipelines distribute to storage centers. Remember that the oil pipe price may vary based on the work type, your project, and the budget itself.

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Needless to say that pipelines play an important role in the gas and oil industry. Without them, there would be no existence of this industry and its continuous workflow. Quality pipelines help the experts to smoothly continue the process. To get quality products for your company, contact us at International Pipe.