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Getting to Know About Above and Below Ground PipelinesYou must be familiar with the term pipelines, right? It is common in every household, although it is used in several industries. Many products like oil, gas and clean and dirty water are transported through it. Even the pipe materials used in different industries depend on the purpose of the usage.

Some studies show that this nation has almost 2.6 million miles of pipe. That’s a lot of oil and gas being transported, right? Oil pipe suppliers claim that the main reason some pipelines are above and some are underground is convenience. In order to know everything about pipelines, keep reading.

Understanding Pipeline Transportation

What do you think is the primary function of the pipeline? Pipelines are used to deliver different products from one place to another. It is used to transport natural fuels, gas, water, and many other materials.

The size of a pipeline varies depending on how far it is being carried. Some pipelines are built to deliver products within the neighborhood, and some are among countries. Oil pipe suppliers say that the material used for pipes has to be suitable enough to carry such materials among places.

Types of Pipe Available According to Oil Pipe Suppliers

Oil pipe suppliers suggest that there are majorly two different pipelines available. They are mainly used to transport other energy products to different places. Here are the two types of pipelines described briefly:

Petroleum pipelines- This type of pipeline has three subtypes that help with transportation. You are absolutely correct if you guessed that it transports crude oil or natural gas liquids. Three systems can carry such oil- crude oil pipeline, gathering system, and refined product pipeline system. All three pipelines work in a step-by-step process to make the system work.

  • First, the gathering pipeline takes the crude oil from the production well.
  • Next, the crude oil system is used to transport the product to the refinery.
  • The product is then refined and made into either gasoline or kerosene.
  • Lastly, this end product is distributed to the storage unit or distribution station through a refined product pipeline system.

Natural gas pipelines- Just like petroleum pipelines, even this system has three different systems. Oil pipe suppliers say that this system delivers products from stationery facilities to various locations. The whole process consists of a transmission system, a gathering system, and a distribution system. The process isn’t very different and follows the same process.

  • The gathering pipes take the product from the production well
  • After that, the products are transported with the help of large transmission pipelines to different countries
  • Lastly, the distribution system has many designs that help distribute products to homes.

Understanding Which One is Preferred: Above or Below Ground

You must think that most pipelines are above ground, right? oil pipe suppliers claim it to be untrue; it is only believed because the above-ground pipelines are visible. There are several different types of pipelines that are buried underground. Underground pipelines are very useful in the long run, while the above ground is much easier to be built.

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