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Pipe Fabrication A Process that Connects the Oil IndustryWithout pipes, the oil and gas industry is useless. Transferring the gas and oil will be impossible if the pipes are not forged and appropriately installed. This is what makes the process of steel pipe fabrication so important.

If you are a professional in the oil and gas industry, this article will help you a lot. After reading this article, you will understand the insides of the pipe industry better. You will learn about the detailed process of how steel pipe fabricators process raw steel into pipes.

What Is Steel Pipe Fabrication?

Steel pipe fabrication is the process where steel pipes are formed from raw steel. This can be done in many different ways, like piercing a steel billet or rolling a sheet of steel. As a result of these processes, the steel takes the shape of the pipes, elbows, tees, and other joints. Later, these pipes are used to build the systems for transferring oil and gas.

The Requirements for Pipe Fabrication

Usually, pipe fabrications are done in a workshop that has all the required features and materials for construction. But in the case of some large and complicated projects, pipes need to be fabricated on the job site. If that is the case for you, you must learn about these deciding factors. They can affect the manufacturing of the pipes heavily.

  • The fabrication site must have moderate weather conditions. Extreme weather can damage the pipes or weaken them during construction fabrication.
  • The site must have accessibility to raw materials, machinery, and other amenities required for the fabrication.
  • Professional steel pipe fabricators must be present at the site of the job.
  • As most pipe fabrication methods go around heating, welding, and piercing, the site must have the necessary equipment.
  • The fabricators must have permission from the authority to use the site to fabricate the pipes.

How Do Steel Pipe Fabricators Make Pipes?

The process of making the steel pipes begin with sorting. Professionals sort the raw materials of the pipes according to what type of pipes are to be made. To identify these sorted pipes, tags or markings are applied on them so that the workers do not make mistakes in the future. After that, the raw metals are cut using devices like saws, gas cutters, or plasma cutters according to the size requirements of the pipes.

Now the pipes are ready to be forged. Those are made using methods like piercing or rolling according to the availability and strength of the metals. Those are also welded afterward to join and form long strands of pipes according to the requirements.

After that, the elbows and tees are made by bending and welding the pipes. After this, the pipes are almost ready for oil and gas projects.

The Kingpin of Pipe Fabricators

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