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Being Aware of the Most Popular Structural Pipe Types

Undoubtedly, structural pipes are showing their much-needed presence in every corner of the world. As there are countless types and applications of these pipes, we decided to share some information with you. So, before getting in touch with a steel pipe distributor, look at this article.

In simple words, structural pipes are steel construction pipes meeting specific standards of mechanical properties. Also, the manufacturers pay attention to the chemical composition of these pipes. They are mainly helpful for endless structural purposes. Typical application areas include sign poles, columns, pilings, structural supports, and bollards. It’s time to go through the popular structural pipe types.

Spiral Steel Pipes

These pipes usually comprise coiled plate or strip steel in spiral shapes. They also feature double-sided arc active welding. Moreover, spiral steel pipes maintain various applications’ durability and economic factors. A few common uses include piling, road casing, and trenches.

ERW Steel Pipes

The manufacturing process of ERW steel pipes includes high-frequency or low-frequency resistance. These round pipes witness the welding process from steel plates having longitudinal welds. Consumers buy these pipes from a steel pipe distributor for the column, sign pole, tunnel, and dock construction.

Seamless Steel Pipes

A seamless steel pipe represents a circular pipe that consists of a hollow section. These pipes contain no seam and constitute alloy, carbon, and stainless-steel ingot. Furthermore, the manufacturing process features cold or hot rolling. This durable pipe product is helpful for pipe piling, caissons, a dock piling, and bollards.

DSAW Carbon Steel Pipes

They feature welding on both the ID and the OD. Moreover, manufacturing involves the formation of steel plates into cylindrical shapes. DSAW carbon steel pipes are applicable for road boring, road casing, trenches, etc.

Culvert Pipes

Although these pipes might not be highly durable, they are ideal for diverting the water flow around driveways. Various irrigation and farming projects also witness the importance of culvert pipes.

Fence Pipes

This structural pipe is experiencing immense popularity in fence-building projects. You can expect top-notch strength and durability from them. In addition, some of their typical applications include the enclosure of parking lots and parks.

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