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History of Pipes: What You Need to Know

History of Pipes What You Need to KnowWe use pipes and pipelines for thousands of years to transport things from one location to another. According to researches, the Egyptians used copper pipes in 3000 BCE. pipes have played an important role in human survival. The researchers also have found out that the Chinese people used a rudimentary pipeline to transport natural gas to Beijing 2500 BCE. We have discussed here the glorious history of pipes. However, if you want to purchase or use pipes in your project, then contact professional oil pipe suppliers quickly.

Steel Pipe Fabrication

The process to create welded steel pipe was developed in the 1820s. Before this William Murdock created a system to transport coal gas via the barrels which were joined together by discarded muskets.

After that Comenius, White House developed a method called butt-welding which forms the foundation of current pipe fabrication. The experts heat the sheets of iron. After that, they draw through a cone-shaped opening to create a pipe shape.

Production and Efficiency are Increased

Steel production has increased in volume from the mid-1800s due to its various advantages like durability. The fabrication of steel pipes became popular after the discovery of the Bessemer process in 1847. The Technique of pipe production continued to improve in the mid-1800s. In the 1800s, the seamless pipe welding method became popular among people. The experts pierced a steel billet and fabricated a pipe to create a tube.

Let’s Talk About Pipe Innovation

The experts fabricate the pipes which transport gas and oil in the same method. Either they fold and weld the metal sheets or make seamless tubes from steel billets. Technology has developed in various ways. Nowadays, specialists use corrosion-resistant coatings on the pipes, sensors to control pipelines and also utilize cathodic protection systems to reduce corrosion.

Want to Know More?

Indeed, the history of pipes from the ancient period till today is quite fascinating. If you want to learn more about it and purchase quality pipes for your upcoming project, then contact oil pipe suppliers. You can also consult with us at International Pipe & Supply.