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Pipe fabrication refers to the process of welding piping components into a certain piping system. It involves the requirements of a customer. Normally, the fabricators will work in accordance with the customers. It involves certain methods to make sure the fabrication process is perfect. If you want to know more about steel pipe fabrication, you can contact steel pipe fabricators.

  • Pipe fabrication projects

Pipe fabrication projects involve high quality welds and weld inspections. To make sure the project works well you need to work with certified weld inspectors. You need to make certain plans in order to make your project a successful one. There are certain procedures that you need to follow:

  • Induction and cold bending

Induction bending is a unique technique that uses heat to bend pipes. After the induction and cold bending comes to play. After the heat bends the pipe, cold air is blown over the pipe and water is also sprayed over the surfaces.

  • Robotic cutting and welding

By using mechanized programmable tools, it is possible to automate a welding process. It involves the performing and handling of the part. Although this procedure is expensive, most of the heavy companies have acquired this method in order to make the welding process all the more smooth.

  • Indoor blasting and painting

To make sure your fabrication process is a success, you need to have a separate place for indoor blasting and painting. You need to have an open place with ample ventilation. Blasting will make sure the old paint is totally removed and the pipe is ready for a new paint.

  • Online Spool Tracking

As the industries are updating, make sure you apply an online spool tracking system for your pipes. It makes sure the project is completed timely and safely.

  • Shipping tags and barcodes

Shipping tags and barcodes are necessary, if you want to carry your business forward in this digital world. Shipping tags and barcodes are valuable asset for your industry. Make sure your industry is updated enough to carry them out in different aspects.

It’s important to maintain high quality welds that play a major role in pipe spool construction. Apart from this it’s also a good initiative to introduce in-house pressure testing methods to verify your pipes are leak free before they are shipped.

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