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For many shipbuilding projects, the use of steel pipe is a basic requirement. For buildings, masonry and rafts, this is essential. Steel piles are the most commonly used in bridges and structures in the sea, like piers. Because corrosion is a common problem in coastal areas, marine steel tubing is appropriate because it is corrosion-resistant. Also, in marine construction stainless steel tubes, hot-galvanized steel tubes and duplex steel (Carbon Steel type) are used. The oilfield pipes used in shipbuilding projects are also common material. Various applications of marine steel pipes are listed below:

Trestle Building

Trestle is the foundation for the construction of a bridge. A triple is often made of steel pipes. Trestles consist of piles of steel which are fed into the ground or into the riverbeds or oceans to create sound foundations. The more times it gets to the ground, the more it gets stronger.

Combi-Walls Building

It is used in modern building technology. The works in concrete combine the tube and sheet into multi-layer stacks. They are often used in maritime building projects, in fact. Sheathing of the pile consists, in comparison to conventional sheets, of stronger and more durable components. The wall structure is dominated by the steel pipe. The sheet is used for a smooth connection to the pipe-wall. Combi walls are useful for lake filling, bridge expansion, piers, wharves and wall retention projects.

Building Bridge

Many bridges have been built on the foundation using steel piles. By using a steel rohr, the structure is supported and structural integrity is enhanced. A much weaker earth layer is more easily penetrated into the rock formations by a steel pipe.

Dock Building

Steel pipes, as is the case with the other program, can be driven into the ground and used as dock support. The dock construction of load-bearing piers provides corrosion resistance and significant support from the stainless steel piles. For docks together with used oilfield pipes, steel pipe is used most commonly.

This list does not include all marine use of steel pipes. Piling is commonly used to establish strong platforms, piers and mooring foundations. Instead of industry-standard pipe, the project-specific pipe is used. The information attached includes a number of different options for steel pipes:

  • The lowest cost carbon steel pipe, but it is also susceptible to the seawater impact. Internal galvanization may be used on carbon steel pipes, or on the inside or outside of them the epoxy coating may be used.
  • Non-corrosive, rust and non-rust pipe can be used in water environments Degradable and durable. Galvanized steel is steel applied to keep it from rusting with an electroplating solution. The additional advantage of the Duplex pipe is that it is resistant to corrosion in sea water.

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