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used oilfield pipe

You want to get the best price possible when buying oilfield equipment. But, in your opinion, what constitutes the best deal? Purchasing new or refurbished oilfield equipment, depending on your purchasing requirements, could be the best option.

New Oilfield Equipment’s Advantages

When you buy new appliances, you’re getting the latest version of the product that the manufacturer thinks they’ve come up with. That is to say, you will receive the most accurate and optimized tool in their line to date. Many of the enhancements are the product of field feedback.

Some machines, such as the EZY Torque Hydraulic Cathead, are also easier to service due to their nature.

The Benefits of Used Oilfield Equipment

Yes, the prime advantage of used oilfield pipe is lowering capital costs is a good way to stay competitive in the industry and even expand the rig fleet. Aside from the lower initial cost, most reliable refurbished vendors have a warranty, so you’re less likely to put yourself at risk right away.

If you have a particular tool that you’ve used effectively in the field but need to replace, refurbished will help you save money by allowing you to use the supplier’s refurbished piece. You might also be able to use their facilities.

You might get lucky and find tools that are nearly new or very lightly used, depending on how much use the equipment has seen. Until making a purchase, inquire as to whether the equipment was refurbished.

Make a four-square matrix as you compare and shop new versus refurbished products. It will assist you in visualizing your buying preferences and requirements.

Purchasing Used Oilfield Equipment

To stay competitive in the industry, you will need to upgrade your fleet while still cutting costs. This is where pre-owned equipment comes into play. You can get the same amount of job capabilities for a fraction of the cost by using refurbished machinery.

When you buy something new, you lose a certain amount of value the first time you use it. The initial depreciation time has already expired when you purchase used equipment. A good refurbished equipment dealer, such as Tiger General, would have some kind of warranty so you know you’re not taking on too much risk.

We have a range of options of used oilfield pipes for sale that have been lightly used but still have a lot of value and life left in them. You can get a good piece of equipment without paying a lot of money, and you’ll be able to keep up with your industry’s competition. See us at Industrial Pipe Suppliers for the same in OKC.