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industrial pipe supplier

The industrial pipe suppliers follow multiple methods for pipe fittings and manufacturing processes especially when it involves Elbow, Reducer, Tee, and more. The fittings are manufactured from the seamless pipe, bar, and from the welded pipe along with other filler material. The fittings with large diameters are produced from plates. Each of the fittings has its own purpose. The size, shape, material, use, and special and standard properties are the most considered factors when it comes to selecting the best and proper manufacturing process.


  • Here are some cold and hot-forming processes –
  • Hot forming or Extrusion Method
  • Flare Method for Stub ends
  • Monaka or Double weld seam Method
  • Hydraulic Bulge method – Cold forming
  • Deep Drawing Method for caps
  • UO or Single weld seam Method


There are multiple options regarding fittings deformation that uses the forging concept. The most common processes are open-die forging and closed-die forging. The basic idea is the same for both of them. It is the use of temperature and pressure for modifying the material. The forging types are different according to the use of dies for forming the metal.

Open Die Forging

The open-die forging process deforms a metal piece between several dies but does not enclose the material fully. The metal gets changed as the material is hammered or stamped by lots of movements until it gets the required shape. The products of open die forging need more machining and refining process. It is to give them the required tolerance for the final outcome. It is often used in short-run forging where the parts are quite simple than complex in terms of designs like rings, discs, sleeves, shafts, and cylinders. You can also get custom shapes from this method.

Closed Die Forging

Closed die forging or also known as impression die forging is a process of metal deformation. It uses pressure for compressing a metal piece for filling an enclosed die impression. In some of the processes, impression die succession is applied for shape modification and to give the final shape. This material is known for tolerance, tightness, heat treatment, and more.

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