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used oilfield pipe“Used oilfield pipe” is an integral part of the drilling process in the oil and gas industry. Steel drill pipes used in the drilling process become exposed to extreme pressure and temperature conditions and therefore, their physical condition needs a regular assessment.

A spherometer aims to measure the physical condition of the used oilfield pipe and the result undergoes marking on these pipes with a colored band.

It’s time to delve into the meaning of band color in used drill pipe and how it is classified.

What is API Spec 5D and Who Designed It?

API Spec 5D is a standard that the American Petroleum Institute (API) developed to specify the requirements for steel drill pipe used in the oil and gas industry. The API Spec 5D covers various aspects of the drill pipe, including its design, manufacture, chemical composition and mechanical properties.

The Classification of Drill or Used Oilfield Pipe

There are several classes of a drill or used oilfield pipe, depending on the API Spec 5D standard. Each class receives a designation by a specific number of colored bands, which signify the physical condition of the pipe.

Class 1: This class consists of new, unused drill pipes with a single white band.

Class 2: It unveils drill pipes that have been used but are still in good condition. They receive a marking with two white bands.

Class 3: This class is all about drill pipes that have been used and are in fair condition. They have the marking with three white bands.

Class 4: You can find drill pipes that have been used and are in poor condition. These comprise four white bands.

Color of Bands

In addition to the number of bands, the color of the bands on the used drill pipe also has a specific meaning.

Green Band: This signifies that the pipe has been inspected and tested for defects and no flaws have become apparent.

Yellow Band: The yellow color means that the pipe has been inspected and tested for defects and some minor flaws have arrived that do not affect the pipe’s overall performance.

Red Band: It implies that the pipe has been inspected and tested for defects and significant errors that affect its overall performance were noticeable.

Color Difference between Premium and Brand-New Pipes

Premium drill pipe is a higher quality drill pipe used in more challenging drilling environments. Premium drill pipe is identified by two white bands instead of one, which signifies its higher quality.

The Market of Drill or Used Oilfield Pipe in 2023

  • According to a recent market research report, the drill or used oilfield pipe market is expected to grow significantly by 2023.
  • The demand for oil and gas is increasing and the drilling industry is expanding, driving the market’s growth.
  • Furthermore, horizontal drilling techniques and hydraulic fracturing are growing, which requires more drill pipe.

Benefits of Used Oilfield Pipe

  1. Used oilfield pipe can be cost-effective for drilling companies, as it is often less expensive than the new pipe.
  2. Additionally, this used pipe can be as effective as a new pipe if it is properly inspected and tested for defects.
  3. Furthermore, they undergo recycling, which is better for the environment than disposal.

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