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Different Methods That Help Bore Underneath a Paved SurfaceIs it easy to install a row of pipes under a paved surface? No, right? Installing these pipes can take work on a roadway, driveway or under a large concrete slab. The process can be time-consuming and lengthy while adding extra labor and challenges. Besides that, if you are doing this for a roadway, can you imagine the traffic it will create?

So, what is the best and easy way to do it? Well, implementing different methods of boring can make your work more efficient. Most boring pipes suppliers say every other project needs various equipment and affordable options.

What Do Boring Pipes Suppliers Say about Horizontal Directional Drilling?

Are you dealing with a big project that requires installing pipes and cables over a large area? According to a boring pipes supplier, horizontal directional drilling can be your best option. However, you will need quite big equipment, which means more investment.

Although you will not require a large-sized team to complete the project, you can get such machines on rent. The worker must launch a drill from one end of the bore path and reclaim it at the other. This process can be unique in areas that are more environmentally sensitive, like rivers, lakes and wetlands.

What About Manual Installation Process?

Manual installation is a suitable method for people working on a low budget. It includes using equipment with muscle power to install pipes and cables. If you opt for this method, ensure your workers wear protective gear. The biggest problem is that it can lead to unlevel installation.

Alternative- You can use a pressure washer with a zero-degree nozzle which will power through the ground. However, it can crack the sidewalk.

Have You Tried the Earth Drilling Boring Kit?

Many attachments can turn any mechanical earth drilling into a horizontal boring machine. Boring pipes suppliers say you can use this for smaller projects like sidewalks and driveways. The cost of this is also lower than many other boring options. You can easily use this in residential areas as it is lightweight and thus relatively easier to handle. It helps them enable an underground sprinkler system which you can do the work in half the time than using a sledgehammer. There are two types of boring horizontal kits:

  • Wet drilling kit
  • Dry auger kit

Have You Heard of the Time-Tested Technique- Impact Moles?

Impact moles are suitable for projects like highways and paved surfaces. You can get impact moles in different diameters. However, you need at least two people to operate this machine. The best boring pipes suppliers say this is one of the oldest trenchless methods.

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