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Working on Your Irrigation Choose Steel Pipes for the JobSteel pipes seamlessly become the love and preference for professionals of countless industries. The irrigation industry is one of the leading players among them. If you are planning for your irrigation project and are looking for the best pipes for irrigation, you should choose steel pipes. There are several reasons why industry professionals love this element so much. Keep reading this article to find out more information on them.

Necessary Features for Pipes for Irrigation

The irrigation pipelines constantly bear the pressure of endless water throughout the day. That is why you must ensure your irrigation pipes have all these qualities. Otherwise, they will not be able to hold the pressure and the water will damage them from the inside.

  • The pipes must be robust. Otherwise, they would never be able to bear all the pressure from the flowing water.
  • The flow resistance of the pipes must stay within limits. Otherwise, they will fail to deliver the water they are supposed to.
  • If the pipes are not lightweight, then carrying, transporting and fitting them would be extremely difficult.
  • The pipes get buried underground sometimes, so they must also have corrosion resistance to last long.
  • Only pipes that consist of non-toxic materials are a good fit for irrigation. Otherwise, they could contaminate the water flowing through them and the crops.
  • The wall of the pipe should be uniform throughout the whole system. Otherwise, you would see rapid changes in water pressure that can damage the pipes.
  • The installation process for these pipes should be simple and self-explanatory.Otherwise, you and your team may face difficulties installing the steel irrigation pipes.The pipe’s working pressure should be 1.5 times of the normal pressure.

Why Steel Pipe is the Best Choice?

Now that you know some of the most necessary qualities of an irrigation pipe, let us look at why steel pipes fit best into those categories.


Steel is one of the strongest elements to exist on earth. So, it is natural that it can fulfill the need for strength in irrigation pipes. Because of using these steel pipes for irrigation, the owners of the properties find maximum robustness and stability in their projects. This added strength helps them hold their fort while bearing the immense pressure and water force from the inside.


Steel also has an incredible amount of resistance against stain. Naturally, it is a great option to protect the pipes from corrosion from the constantly flowing water and external pressure.

Benefits of International Pipes

Now that you know what’s best while choosing pipes for irrigation, you should also learn about a reliable place to get those pipes. We are talking about International Pipes, one of the leading pipe suppliers for Oklahoma City. So, whether you are in town for a few piping projects or stay here permanently, you can call us anytime. We will surely help you find the most suitable pipes for your projects.