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Choosing Metal Over Plastic Pipes Is It a Wise DecisionChoosing the suitable material is the most significant challenge in completing complex jobs related to piping, plumbing, draining, and other construction-related work. Many contractors say there is a cold war between metal and plastic pipes. Some steel pipe distributors say plastic is more beneficial due to its affordability and lightweight. On the other hand, veteran industry experts still believe there is no alternative to metal.

If you are a novice entrepreneur planning to start your construction business, let your perplexed mind calm. Spend five minutes of your precious time reading this blog to find the most suitable choice for your project.

Types of Metal Pipes to Choose

Piping can undergo construction from a variety of materials. The benefits and drawbacks of each material vary. Certain metals cannot be helpful in plumbing due to water safety regulations and their potentially harmful leaching effects. The most common metals and plastics used in plumbing installations are:

  • Black Steel Pipes

Application areas that don’t need the corrosion protection provided by galvanization are perfect for black steel pipe, which is coated entirely in dark iron oxide. Transporting water and gas and high-pressure steam are the primary uses for black steel pipes in urban and rural areas. According to expert steel pipe distributors, its high tolerance for heat makes it a standard component of sprinkler systems. Water from wells and gas lines are just two examples of the many uses of black steel pipes to transport water.

  • Galvanized Steel Pipe

Corrosion, rust, and mineral deposits are all things that can shorten the lifespan of a pipe. However, the zinc coating on galvanized steel pipes helps prevent all three. As its name implies, galvanized steel pipe is primarily helpful for delivering water in plumbing and similar contexts. Also, these piping materials offer a cheaper alternative to steel because they prevent rust for up to 30 years and are strong, thanks to their protective coating.

  • Steel Pipe

Steel provides exceptional strength, toughness, and durability, which holds for galvanized, black-coated and uncoated steel pipe products. Pipes and plumbing that transport water and sewage benefit greatly from steel’s adaptability and low cost.

Advantages of Metal Pipes You Need to Consider at Any Cost

The most common and conventional type of piping used in residential plumbing systems is metal piping. That’s because it’s the most long-lasting and reliable choice available. Copper, brass, cast iron or steel are the metals used to make pipes. There are perks and drawbacks to every preference.

Metal piping is preferred because it is sturdy and typically lasts longer than plastic piping. Because of its increased hardness, this piping is an excellent choice. Backfills for metal pipes also don’t require calibration as plastic ones do.

Why do Some Steel Pipe Distributors Prefer Plastic Pipes?

Plastic pipes are less expensive and less difficult to install than other materials. They are easier to work with because they are lighter and more pliable. Plastic is versatile because it can be shaped and molded to fit into small spaces. Its widespread use makes it affordable and often easier to track down the one-of-a-kind components you need.

Plastic piping also has the advantage of not rusting or corroding as other piping does. It can undergo joining in several ways and doesn’t require welding, saving time and energy during the installation process.

Although this is the case, plastic piping will need more frequent replacement than metal piping because it is less heat resistant. It also has some limitations because somebody can’t use it in systems that transport potable water or water under high pressure.

Some Common Types of Plastic Pipes Are:

  • PVC plastic piping
  • CPVC Plastic piping
  • PEX Plastic piping

Call the Best Distributors in the City

If you are still wondering which pipes to consider for your plumbing or other construction-related work, ask International Pipe. Our traditional steel pipe distributors will tell you how metal pipes can be your best bet. Call us or visit our website to learn more.