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Discover the key dissimilarities between oil pipe and gas pipe with International Pipe's informative guide. Gain insight into the unique requirements and applications of each type.

Although similar in nature, there is a wide difference between oil pipe & gas pipe, from the context of capacity and different other factors. The power source for oil pipelines and gas pipelines is different. If you are looking for an oil pipe for your next project, make sure you learn the difference between an oil pipelines and gas pipelines first. You can find professional oil pipe suppliers to help you find the right type of oil pipe for your project.

Since oil pipes and gas pipes are different, we will try to explain the difference below:

  • Oil pipe transfers liquid petroleum in its crude format while gas pipe transfers natural gas and biofuels.
  • In terms of speed requirements, both oil pipelines and gas pipelines are different. For oil pipelines, it requires faster speed, whereas gas pipelines require a relatively slower speed.
  • Storage for gas pipelines and oil pipelines is fixed but the compressibility is different. Both of them have different pipe stocks.
  • The temperature requirement of gas pipelines and oil pipelines is not similar. For crude pipelines, it requires more heat as crude pipelines need not be clogged. On the other hand, gas pipelines require low temperatures.
  • The impact of crude pipelines on the environment is far more intense than natural gas pipelines. In the case of sudden leakage, crude pipelines are more dangerous for the environment than gas pipelines. They can catch fire easily. But for gas pipelines, the impact is comparatively low.
  • Different sources of power are on offer for the two types of pipelines. The centrifugal pump is the source of oil pipelines and the compressor is the source of gas pipelines.

Pipeline transportation is subject to human endeavor. Make sure to take all the measures carefully. Taking the environment as the main consideration, make sure the pipelines will not do harm to the environment. If you need an oil pipe for your important project, make sure you get in touch with professional oil pipe suppliers.

International Pipe & Supply is the place for professional pipe suppliers. We supply new and used oilfield pipes according to the needs of our customers. The customized piping option will allow you to experience different types and capacities according to your needs. Contact us to be the piping partner of your next project. Call us today.