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Steel pipes are cylindrical steel tubes that are used in the manufacture and infrastructure of several different styles. They are the most used steel industry product. The key use of pipe is in the underground movement of liquid or gas, including oil, gas and water. However in the development and construction process pipes of different sizes are used. The narrow steel pipe that operates the cooling system in refrigerators is a typical example of household development. Building uses heating and plumbing tubing. It is possible to create structures using steel pipes of various sizes like handrails, bike racks or pipe pads.

The pioneer of steel pipe fabricators is believed to be William Murdoch. In 1815 he mixed barrels of muskets with a burning system of coal lamps. In his revolutionary piping method, Murdoch used coal gas to be brought to lamps on London’s streets.

Since the 1800’s, significant advances have been made in steel pipes technology, including the advancement of production processes, development of applications for their use and the development and qualification of regulations and standards.

How These Pipes Are Made?

This omnibus construction material is manufactured by two main methods, from molten raw materials to molding or welding:

Transform raw steel to a functional shape

Both processes must begin with the production of good steel quality. Raw steel is made by foundries by melting raw materials in an oven. Elements may be added to the molten metal in order to get the composition correct and impurities removed. The resulting molded steel is moved into ingots or into a continuous casting system for the manufacture of pipes, billets and flowering. Two of these items are made of pipe: slabs or billets.

Steel sheets and steel skelps in the manufacture of pipes

Steel slats that are heated to 2,200 ÚTEF are constructed out of steel slates. The heat causes a surface scale to develop, which must be extracted by a disruptor and high pressures. The steel plate is hot until polished, rolling into thin, thin steel strips known as the skelp. Skelp is sulfuric acid pickled (surface cleaned), washed with the water and rolled as the raw material for pipe making into wide tubes. The diameter of the pipe that can be rendered is determined by the scalp width.

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