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Bison Tough Crowd Gates

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Bison Tough gate frames are constructed from new 1.66″ OD x 14-gauge tubing. We use 11-gauge tubing for the end rail, supporting the hinges to provide the perfect strength-to-weight balance for most crowd alleys and heavy-pressure situations. All weld points are saddle cut and fitted for added strength. Capped top and bottom corners are not only aesthetically pleasing, they provide rounded corners for animal safety. They’re also great at keeping rain and bugs out.
These gates come with our signature Bison Tough chain latch, which includes 30″ of 3/8″ chain and a spring snap hook for additional security.
Our heavy-duty weld-on hinges are durable, easy to install and provide tolerance for adjustment. They also come stocked with grease zerks.

Available Sizes

20′ x 6 rail x 50″ tall
16′ x 6 rail x 50″ tall
14′ x 6 rail x 50″ tall
12′ x 6 rail x 50″ tall
10′ x 6 rail x 50″ tall
8′ x 6 rail x 50″ tall
6′ x 6 rail x 50″ tall
4′ x 6 rail x 50″ tall


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