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Caisson Pipes Best for Industries That Need Watertight SealCaisson pipes have several different names, and there is no way you wouldn’t have heard of at least one in your lifetime. The most common name is drilled shaft casing; sounds familiar now, right? Yes, most people know it by this name, and it is also called bored piles or drilled piers. This type is commonly used for many construction projects below water.

Steel pipe distributors claim that this is a great option for building the foundation of structures below the water surface. You get these steel pipes in Oklahoma City in all three options: rolled, welded, and spiral. The main reason behind choosing these pipes is their ability to keep water out of the pipe, as they have a watertight restraining structure. The proper process needs to be followed when this pipe is used as the foundation to keep it strong.

The Process of Utilizing Caisson Pipe

As mentioned earlier, you must follow a specific process to get the complete result right. Getting it correct is crucial as the whole structure of the water body depends on it. The main point is to put the steel pipe in such a way that it creates a watertight seal around the water. Steel pipe distributors suggest that this pipe is either used as drill or as a shaft. This pipe is put to set a foundation above it. Before the foundation is placed, any waste is removed, and water is pushed out to provide a clean and dry area. In the end, concrete is poured over it to create a foundation piling.

Some Repeated Utilization

According to steel pipe distributors, most caisson pipes are durable and can last long. This is why most industries chose this as their foundation’s backbone. The marine industry gets lots of profit from such pipes as it not only has a watertight seal but also stay intact for many years.

This pipe is eligible for coating, which means you can increase its durability for many more years. Most steel pipes in Oklahoma City are customizable, and so are caisson pipes. You can modify it by giving it a different cut at the end of fabricating the slots. The steel pipe distributors say that the pipe can be delivered directly to the job site if the customer needs it.

Challenges for Caisson Pipes

Several things can hurt a steel pipe according to where it is drilled. Boulders, granule soils, or even caving soil might be present in that area. According to steel pipe distributors, there are different ways to solve such problems. You can opt to use a temporary casing that can hold the pipe in its place. You can remove the casing once the shaft is in place and the foundation is done.

Here’s The Best Service for You

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