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pipes for irrigation

Water usage in food production is one of the most significant problems because of the rising global population and climate change. We often read in newspapers that people worldwide can’t get minimum water for their living. Water is now limited in the world and agriculture and other sectors are extensively using this source.

Research has found agriculture sector use approx.—70% of the freshwater and 95% of total water withdrawal in some developed countries. You may wonder what the connection is between making pipes for irrigation systems and the water crisis.

Mainly, drip irrigation is a water-efficient system that can eliminate the total water usage of individual farms and increase crop yields. Using it appropriately can solve our water crisis issue and enhance the quality of crops. Let’s explore that step by step.

What Is Drip Irrigation?

A drip irrigation system is a micro-irrigation system that restricts the water flow to the roots from above the soil surface and plants save nutrients and water. Experts make pipes for irrigation systems to turn water into the root.

The entire system distributes water through pipes, valves, emitters and tubing. The installation process, maintenance and operation method impact the extent of effectiveness of this system.

Why Don’t Most Farmers Use Drip Irrigation Systems?

As we discussed erstwhile, this system supplies water near the roots through pipes. It is highly beneficial to places with water shortages. However, adopting this system is expensive; that’s why many farmers can’t afford it.

What Are the Advantages of a Drip Irrigation System?

This system is water efficient, up to 80% compared to the sprinkler system. This low-pressure method provides water to crops that require low energy. Farmers can also control the usage of pesticides and fertilizers with the help of an injector system.

It is also a highly flexible system. The experts can customize this system to any size and shape of the field. They can expand the design as per their requirement and use the system with low water pressure.

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