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4 Most Common FAQs About Black Steel Pipes That You Must KnowTypically, pipe manufacturers do not coat black steel pipes with zinc or paint. The surface of this steel becomes black due to the formation of iron oxide while manufacturing; therefore, the experts named it black steel pipes. The specialists mainly uses these pipes in areas that don’t require galvanized steel.

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Here, we have answered some of the most frequently asked questions about black steel pipes to enlighten our readers.

Where Do the Experts Use Black Steel Pipes?

Generally, we use black steel pipes in various industries because of less maintenance and strength—these pipes transport water and gas to rural and urban areas.

Moreover, we also use these pipes in oil industries to carry large quantities of oil through remote areas. But remember, it is not suitable to transport portable water as it is prone to corrosion. Water and mineral deposits can often clog the pipes.

What Are the Features of Black Steel Pipes?

Construction workers install black steel pipes beneath the soil, which is not valid for most other sorts of pipes. A hardware store can cut the line to thread it. In general, black pipes in larger diameters are welded instead of threaded.

What Are the Specifications of Black Steel Pipes?

The size of the black steel pipes remains between 1/2″ and 8″. According to the thickness, the steel pipes can be schedule40, schedule10 and std. The average length of this type of pipe starts from 5to 12 m and the material grade is Api 5 l gr.

Is There Any Difference Between Black Steel Pipes and Other Steel Pipes?

The experts produce steel pipes in two methods – either they can be welded or as seamless tubes. They cast the raw steel into a more viable initial form in both ways. Afterward, they make it into a seamless pipe by stretching the edges together and sealing them with welding.

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By now, you know what black steel pipes are and how you can use it more successfully. But remember, both the quality and quantity matter in this case. Otherwise, your project may fail due to a lack of functionality. To purchase quality black steel pipes at a reasonable price, contact one of the most popular steel pipe distributors – International Pipe & Supply.