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Who is the primary link-maker between wells and collection centers/treatment facilities? Flow lines! Then comes a gathering line, directing the flow from manifolds to vessels or pre-processing stages. A well-known industrial piping company like International Pipe understands the vital purpose of these piping components. And now it’s your turn to gather all the essential information regarding flowlines.
These can be any pipe or hose of metals like steel or other substances. They are mostly short; however, these can cover far-away distances in onshore applications. The construction takes place over the land, but one can lower these flowlines to ocean floors. Many of you are still unsure of what these pipelines do. Therefore, we decided to clear every pinch of your doubt with this post.

Flowline Purpose that You Need to Recognize

In simpler terms, flowlines indicate specific pipelines connecting a wellhead to process machinery fragments in the gas and oil sectors. People often link a manifold to the well through multiple downlines in large-sized good fields.
You might recognize the use of these flowlines before contacting an industrial piping company. So, here is what you need to know. They are vital in transporting fluids (like gas, oil, and production water) from wells to production machinery. These are also helpful for carrying the overall liquids to other locations like gathering pipeline systems, process facilities, or standard production batteries.

The Essential Pipeline and Flowline Distinction

Pipelines are transmission network segments that help carry goods from a processing plant to the end user. On the contrary, flowlines are specific pipeline types that join wellheads to facilities for processing, cleaning, or storage needs. Here are the distinguishing factors that every industrial piping company recognizes:
● A pipeline can only enclose a segment of the entire pipeline system. But flowlines represent a unique pipeline with its length constraining to the oil field vicinity. However, the former can extend longer distances and might even cross international borders.
● Pipelines comprise every flowline. But the latter represent the pipes that link wellheads to any treatment facility.

The Action-Taking Moment

We gave you all the essential details regarding the flowline. Furthermore, you got to know the differences between pipelines and flowlines. So, what’s your next step? Will you blame your luck for not getting a reputed company, or will you get in touch with industry-leading companies like International Pipe? We are ready to serve you with our best-in-class piping supplies.