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5 Types of Farm Gates and How to Choose the Perfect OneFarm gates are a crucial element for successfully carrying out farm operations. Their primary functions include keeping what ought to stay in, in and what ought to stay out, out – for example, livestock and predators, respectively. Failing to execute proper containment can turn out to be a costly inconvenience for farm owners. In today’s blog we are going to take a look at the types of different farm gates from metal farm gates to pipes. Later on, we are also going to discuss how farmers can choose the right gate for their property.

Types of Farm Gates

  • Metal Farm Gates

As the name implies, metal farm gates are made of metal. There are different types of metals used, along with various designs but as long as the constituent material is metal they will all qualify as metal gates.

Steel and aluminum are the most popular metals, steel is robust and tailored to handle harsh weather and heavy usage. The latter on the other hand is desired because of being lightweight, cost-effective, and better resistant to rust than steel.

  • Sliding Gates

Sliding gates are used in openings that do not have room for swing gates. They are also the ideal solution for sharply inclined driveways since the constant battle against gravity will cause a swing gate to wear down much faster.

Sliding gates come in two different variations, a track model and a cantilever model. The only prominent difference between the two is how cantilever sliding gates are aerially elevated, and the gates do not touch the ground. This model was developed to counter gate jamming in flood-prone areas.

  • Stock Gates

Stock gates are installed on a farm to control and confine livestock movement. Stanchion gates are a common design of stock gates that are used to set up cattle feeding lines. The gate has the provision for a head slot for each animal and depending on the temperament of the animals, the gates are made with different strengths. Aggressive cattle warrant more heavy-duty gates while docile animals can work with lightweight materials.

  • Tubular and Pipe Gates

Tubular gates are made from different assortments of metal tubing. The tubes often join in coiled and asymmetrical patterns, topped by a hollow metal frame overhead. Usually made of galvanized steel, coated in zinc, these gates can easily stand the onslaught of extreme weather conditions.

Pipe gates are the same as tubular gates but they are thinner. Pipe gates are more about aesthetics and decoration rather than sturdy use.

  • Panel Gates

Panel Gates earn their name from the pattern they feature. The design is such that it is split into box-like panels. There are 3 popular types of panel gates – corral panels, heavy-duty panels, and handy panels. Corral panels are best suited to control animal movements during training and lessons. Heavy-duty panels as you might have guessed are for aggressive and feisty cattle, usually the adults. Handy panels are considered ideal for low-pressure confinement.

How to Decide on the Right Gate?

What Sort of Equipment Are You Using?

Farm operations that involve the usage of large, heavy equipment like tractors and telehandlers work better with larger gates. They ensure safety and smooth transport from one section of the property to another. A smaller gate would be perfect if you only make use of smaller power and manual tools.

What Type of Livestock Do You Own?

In a similar vein, the size and habits of the livestock you own are also going to greatly influence the type of gate you should get for your farm. Smaller animals need tighter gates to keep them from escaping through the breaks and gaps. At the same time, larger animals will be most comfortable with gates that allow them plenty of space to roam around.

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