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Ductile Iron Pipes for Irrigation Know the BenefitsWhen you feel the need to use the best pipes for irrigation, ductile iron pipes will not disappoint you in any way. Known for their corrosion-resistant properties, strength, and durability, they are mainly used for portable water transportation.

Let us now look at some outstanding benefits of these pipes:

Better Ductility

Have you ever wondered how ductile iron can withstand sudden changes in pressure, temperature, and environment? This is mainly because of their higher ductility levels.

This is the ability of a metal to be deformed, drawn, and extruded without any major damage. It indicates the overall malleability of the metal.

Their manufacturing process is quite fast, and they are constructed without any fractures or dents. Also, these pipes can easily endure excessive pressure and stress without any damage.

Highly Durable

Ductile pipes are known to offer more than 100 years of unbeatable performance. The secret behind this durability lies in their capability to prevent degradation and weakness.

Pipes made of PVC or cast iron can have structural problems (“stress regression” and “creep”). This degrades the strength of these materials over time. Things get worse with variations in pressure, temperature, and other factors.

Convenient Installation

One of the biggest reasons for using these pipes for irrigation is their ease of installation. One can easily lay them into sewer lines compared to cast iron or grey iron pipes.

Having said that, polyethylene encasements can be used to improve their corrosion resistance against soils. This is an economical process and simpler to implement.

Another great thing is that leakage repairs can be done easily. In most cases, you do not need to replace the entire section while repairing. Resin repair sleeves are used to block the leakage effectively.

Unbeatable Resistance and Strength

Although these pipes resemble cast iron pipes in terms of their chemical properties, ductile pipes offer better resistance to corrosion. This is because of better quality control and improved casting requirements in their manufacturing.

Ductile irons contain improved graphite structure (nodular or spheroidal shape). This makes them stronger than cast iron. A significant improvement can be noticed in ring bending, tensile, and bursting tests.

Aim for the Highest

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