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Making an Efficient Choice Between Welded and Seamless Pipes

Pipes have been topping the requirement chart from the very beginning. These products hold utmost significance for multiple purposes. Among the most popular types, seamless and welded tubes pull a lot of attention. But before you contact a steel pipe distributor, it’s crucial to contemplate the differences. At International Pipe, we understand the need for customization. From threading to welding, our trained staff handle every detail with ease.

So, you want a comparison between welded and seamless pipes. Wish granted! One can make a better purchase decision after going through this article. Moreover, you will notice a significant difference in their manufacturing processes. Rest assured, we will cover all the essential information during this differentiation.

Having a Close Look at the Properties

The seamless pipes involve a considerable elongation due to their extrusion with a die. That makes welding pipes stronger than their extruded counterparts. But have you ever analyzed the essence of this process? This method helps to connect two metal pieces using a filler material and heat.

The Manufacturing Contrast You Must Observe

We understand your need to contact a reliable steel pipe distributor. You want quality and professionalism in every step of the job! However, before making the next move, we want you to observe the manufacturing process.

The seamless pipes involve rolling from one metal sheet into a seamless form. As the name and the method suggest, you will find no seams or gaps in these pipes. Their corrosion and leak-resistant properties make the maintenance task more accessible.

Welding indicates the joining of multiple components to create one composite piece. These piping options might offer better flexibility. However, improper sealing can pave the way for rust and leakage.

Let’s See Who Emerges Stronger

There is something special about seamless pipes that makes them sturdy. Their solid walls and heft take the credit for this exceptional strength. On the contrary, welded counterparts witness comparatively less pressure (about 20%). However, these piping materials demand proper testing to avoid the chances of failure. We have another interesting fact for you! As seamless pipes witness more manufacturing difficulty, they are always shorter than welded ones.

Which Option Would Serve You Better?

So, the choice-making time has finally arrived. Here is what a steel pipe distributor wants you to know. It is the application requirement that determines your selection. For instance- if handling high fluid volumes under extreme pressure is your priority, opt for welded pipes. However, if you require better maintenance and flexibility, say Yes to seamless tubing. It feels so relaxing to see you step out of your confusion zone!