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Commonly Used Pipes in Modern Irrigation SystemPipes for irrigation are very commonly seen being used in both indoors and outdoors. But these pipes play a pivotal role in keeping the irrigation system running in the rural areas. Starting from rural farmland irrigation to delivering water in chemical industries or agricultural fields, and even in mine ventilation – irrigation pipes are essential.

There are different types of pipes that are used for these purposes. Depending on whether it is a traditional irrigation or a micro irrigation or ordinary sprinkler irrigation, the pipes can be changed. Here is a detailed description of the pipes that are used for irrigation.

Micro belts for spraying:

Micro spray pipes for irrigation are perforated pipes. These types of pipes are used to water the entire row where the pipe is placed. When water passes through the pipe, water comes out of the holes. With air and gravitational pull, the water drizzles around the area. It works great for people who do not have field irrigation installed. There are different names that the pipes are known by – sprinkler belt, porous hose, sprinkler irrigation pipe are some of the common names.

The holes are created in such a way that a large area around the pipe gets sprinkles of water. This type of irrigation is great for growing vegetables, orchards, mushrooms, etc.

Drip irrigation:

Drip irrigation is a system in which the pipes for irrigation are rooted deep inside the soil so that the roots of the plant get water from the pipe directly. In this type of irrigation, the tapes have capillary through which water comes out. Water slowly drips from the holes and saturates the soil near the roots so that the plants get water throughout the day.

This method is primarily used in greenhouse farming method. As the plants receive water from underneath, the surface soil remains dry. It reduces pests and weeds.

PVC pipe irrigation:

PVC pipes for irrigation are becoming more and more popular in the agricultural industry. Since PVC pipes are resistant towards corrosion and alkali, more people are gravitating towards using these pipes in agriculture. PVC pipes have smooth walls, which results in lower resistant. Also, PVC pipes are less expensive, which makes it an ideal choice if someone is trying to lower the expense.

PVC pipes are also liked my most farmers because it can carry adequate amount of water and even fertilizer directly to the roots of the plants depending on the weather condition. This not only reduces human efforts, but also helps in timely crop irrigation.

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