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Making a Choice Between Old and New Oil Pipe

Your mind might get occupied with many questions while looking for an oil pipe. No doubt, there are multiple choices for you to consider. But should you buy a new tube for your next project? Or is it better to invest in the used oilfield pipe at an affordable price? Let us explore!

Although you may feel confused about your decision, things get clear with a thorough understanding of the benefits and downsides. Here are a few essential factors to consider:

Age of the Pipe

Most people believe that older pipes offer less corrosion resistance. However, things have significantly changed with the new manufacturing process of these pipes. From the mid-90s, manufacturers started using a unique process known as the “continuous mandrel” method.

The manufacturers pierce a warm metal cylinder and place a rigid bar through the middle in this procedure. This method helps the pipe to maintain a constant diameter throughout its length.

Benefits Brought By this Method

Using this method led to:

  • Correct formation of new pipes using minimum material.
  • Affordable rates.
  • Better thickness.
  • Furthermore, this technique helped the used oilfield pipes to become thicker and increased their durability.

Other Vital Factors

Although used pipes may seem cost-effective, they need to undergo a quality check to ensure better endurance levels. You must pay attention to the following components:

  • Consistent maintenance and inspection.
  • The extent of corrosion.
  • Recoating costs, if required.
  • Condition of the substance.
  • Leakage risk.

Choosing the Best

There is no doubt that newer pipes offer better durability. However, it would help if you did not decide based on appearance and luster. Despite corrosion resistance, better maintenance, and fewer chances of damage, they will cost you more money.

On the other hand, old oilfield pipes meet your piping requirements affordable. As these are often quality-checked, they can be the ideal choice for your upcoming project.

These pipes are best for oil production. During oil drilling, they get divided into fields and rigs. The former is associated with the land, whereas the latter is with the ocean. This feature makes them extremely useful in two distinct working situations.

Your Reliable Source of Steel Pipe

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