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If you are in the operation industry where you deal in steel pipes, flanges, fittings, valves, etc. you might end up having excess items in your inventory. While these excess products can be sold, it is necessary to look for a reputable steel pipe buyer.

Choosing someone who belongs to the industry is necessary so that you do not get cheated while selling your excess industrial utility. If you are about to select a buyer, the first thing is to choose a couple of buyers before finalizing one. Here are a few points that you can keep in mind while choosing potential buyers to make sure who you should sell your surplus products to.

Points to keep in mind:

By having a checklist of the points while choosing the most suitable steel pipe buyer, you will make sure that you get the most out of selling your surplus products.

  • Choose a stocking distributor: You can score a better deal if you choose a stocking distributor over a broker. A broker will be the middleperson between you and the buyer and will also ask for commission-based service from both the parties. On the contrary, a stocking distributor is in the business and they need to keep their inventory updated. Also, since they are dealing in the same industry, they have a clear idea of what the market price of the surplus steel pipes or other products are.
  • Removal of the surplus goods: when choosing a buyer, you must make sure that the buyer arranges for the removal of the materials from your site. In case you have to remove the material, it will cost you extra for hiring labor, equipment, logistics, etc. A steel pipe buyer who is well-established in the market will arrange to pick up the surplus goods from you. This will allow you a hands-on removal experience.
  • Experience of the staff: Your buyer must have staff that are working for them. You should be aware of the experience of the staff so that when they come to pick up your product, they do not cause any damage. Also, an experienced surplus product buyer will tidy up your area once they have picked up all the material.

Buy and sell your excess steel pipes with us:

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