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Historically, pipes have been playing a major role in building and construction. Modern day technology has given rise to its various types. Nowadays, pipes are not only used to carry water but also for other various reasons. From building construction to carrying oil and different types of chemicals, pipes have impeccable character. If you’re looking into pipes for your project, it’s important for you to have at least a rough idea about the same. If you don’t know what type of pipe is going to fit your project, you’re in trouble. Industrial pipe suppliers can help you in this regard. Contact them to learn more about pipes.

Today, we’re going to distinguish heavy gauge pipes from light gauge:

Before we begin our discussion, it’s important for us to understand what ‘gauge’ means. Generally, gauge refers to wall thickness. The durability and the performance of a particular type of pipe depends on its thickness.

Different Types & Sizes

Both the heavy gauge and light gauge pipes have different types and sizes. When it comes to types, there are – copper, iron steel, plastic and stonework. If you’re looking into the most common types, you will get galvanized steel pipes and black iron pipes.


Thickness plays a major role. Thickness determines the performance and durability. Heavy gauge pipes are compared to be thicker than light gauge. On the other hand, light gauge pipes are comparatively thicker.


Considering thickness, size and types, both of them have different functions. When it comes to heavy gauge pipes, these are meant for heavy pressure. These are used in a particular setting that requires high pressure.

Light gauge pipes on the other hand are considered for light functioning. For example, these can be exploited in doors, hoods and windows.


When it comes to heavy gauge black iron pipes, these are generally used in fire alarm systems and to transport gas. Since heavy gauge pipes are good at both residential and commercial use, contact industrial pipe suppliers for more details.

On the contrary, light gauge iron pipes are generally used for playground equipment. These are also considered for other certain structures with supportive components.

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