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In various industries, there are many types of pipes being used every day. You can find any shop or plant or even housing fitted with various types of wide or thin pipes. You can find most of those pipes from industrial pipe suppliers; however, before getting them you will need to know what types are used in which work. Today, we will discuss the types of industrial pipes.

  • Cast Iron Pipes

Probably the most common type of piping used across all types of industries, cast iron pipes are used to mostly carry natural fluids like rainwater to a proper disposable place. They are generally manufactured by pouring molten iron into sand molds in the foundry. This is good since these sand molds can be made to suit any size needs. Thereby, cast iron pipes are found in the most variance of shapes and sizes.

Cast Iron pipes can also be made “seamless”, meaning they can be formed without any joints. For this, the molten iron is poured into a spinning centrifuge that cools off the metal and creates a uniform, reinforced pipe. These pipes have the advantage of being capable of handling great pressure.

The most common usage of cast iron pipes is seen in moving large quantities of rainwater from a collection point to a reservoir or dumping area. That is why they are mostly seen in residential dwellings or commercial places the most, like in schools, hospitals, and houses large or small.

  • PVC Pipes

Polyvinyl Chloride is a substance that is easily manufactured for cheap and can handle a good amount of stress and is very light. For these reasons, PVC pipes are the most common form of general plumbing you will see in any building. PVC pipes are cheap and are great for forming a non-pressurized water supply network throughout a building.

UPVC or non-plasticized PVC does not freeze and so it is used for transporting very cold liquids and non-pressurized gases. On the other hand, CPVC or chlorinated PVC has a very high melting temperature and so you can use it to carry steam or hot water around the house.

  • Galvanized Steel Pipes

Quite expensive but highly dependable and sturdy, galvanized steel pipes are the go-to solution for any piping solution involving high pressure and corrosive substances. Water having a corroding nature, most internal plumbings are made with galvanized steel pipes. They are present in most heavy-construction buildings and many industrial setups.

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