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Pipe piles are easy to understand. Hammers are used to drive the steel pipe into the ground. On the other hand, friction with the soil allows the piles to remain in place firmly. If your project involves heavy loads and deep foundation structure, steel pipe piles are the best option for you. Professional pipe pile suppliers can help you find steel pipe piles. They will also help you understand the importance of pipe piles for your project.


Types of piling depend on the conditions of the soil and the structural needs. Some of the most common types are:

  • Unplugged (open-ended)

Open-ended pipes are completely open. Friction allows the open-ended pipes to transfer loads into the soil.

  • Plugged (open-ended)

Plugged open-ended pipes used to have a plug at the bottom. The amount of the outside and the inside soil of the pipes are different in this case.

  • Bottom Plate

Pipes with bottom plates are used in terrain. The plate plays an important role in creating compression and reducing the friction. It reduces the sliding to a certain extent.

Purpose of Installing Open-Ended & Close-Ended Pipes

  • Open-ended pipes are expected to make an impact when obstructions such as rock and boulder are encountered.
  • Open-ended pipes protect stress and damage.
  • Open-ended pipes are often seen at gas platforms, oil stations and other offshore places.
  • This type of pipe can resist the impact of the wind and horizontal loads.
  • Close-ended pipes are used to bear capacity from the entire pile toe.
  • Close-ended pipes are used when your project is located in a sand area.

When it comes to heavy loads, a deep foundation is of pivotal importance. There are different options available when it comes to supporting the structure of your deep foundation. Steel pipes are considered to be the best option in this regard. Pipe piles are less expensive and allow you not to spend extra money on structural support. You can contact a professional pipe pile supplier in this regard.

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