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In general, in situations where shallow soil is not capable of supporting loads of a new structure, steel pipe batteries are necessary. This means that steel pipelines are used to transfer heavy loads from the building or structure to stronger, deep underground rock formations or solid ground layers. Steel pipes are common in construction on soft soils or near a lake, river or ocean coastline, like bridges, buildings or docks.

A number of pipe piling types are available, including those for use as dock piling systems. There are also a range of methods and techniques which can be used in various situations for installing steel pipe piles.

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Primary applications for piping stacks of steel

Steel pipe piles are usually used to build profound foundations for buildings, bridges and other building projects. In a number of different situations, the use of steel pipe flies is recommended to reinforce the basis and increase the structural support of new buildings. Pipes are transferred to rock formations or deeper soils below the surface by steel pipe piles. This provides a sound basis for large structures and even in difficult construction situations.

The main use of stainless steel piping stacks consists of creating deep foundations for:

  • Naval building
  • Dock building
  • Building Bridge
  • Construction of road and road
  • Structure of the Rail Road Transport
  • Building structural support
  • Building Column

Requiring the use of steel pipe piles

There are a number of special construction situations in which deep foundations are recommended using steel pipe piles over shallow foundations. One cause is when a building or structure is designed to be very large or heavy. In the case of a construction project, where the soil is very poor in shallow depths, steel tube piles are also important. Lastly, the use of steel pipe piles may also be necessary due to site restrictions, such as property line restrictions. Construction teams may find it necessary to use a steel pipe battery to create a deep and robust base in any of these situations or in any combination of these situations.

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