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We probably all assume, that for anyone who has ever seen a building site before, all steel pipes are the same. But that’s not the case. In the construction industry, there are many different types of steel piping. International Pipe Suppliers offers a range of seamless steel tubes of quality to metal that meets customers’ needs. Continue reading about some of the main benefits of using steel pipe fabricators.

Improved Ratings for Pressure

The main purpose of understanding the advantages of seamless steel pipes is to know about the pressure typically placed on pipes. The sold seam is the most sensitive to pressure in welded steel pipes, as it is fused into the defective line. Seamless steel tubing is not seamed because it was not sold, so that the tube is equally robust all around. The key advantage of seamless steel lies here – more pressure can be tolerated. This also means that any pressure calculations are much easier to determine, since solder quality does not need to be taken into account.

Seamless pipes can be more costly than conventional welded pipes. However, due to their increased pressure capacity, thinner lighter pipes can be used which overall reduces costs. You can help with your project with the steel experts at International Pipe.


Fast and efficient steel pipe fabricator is a continuous alloy extrusion that gives it a circular section on which you can rely. For installing fittings or pipes this is incredibly useful. On the other hand, the traditional sold pipe is wrapped around a different shape by welding, introducing strain and additional variables to the process, so it cannot be perfectly round.

Greater Force

Seamless steel tubes have a higher load capacity than sold tubes. It is important not to burst out the weight when a pipe is packed with materials. As there is no seam in seamless pipes, they are less likely to leak or fall. This is why they are so popular for modern applications such as oil plants, pipelines, offshore platforms and the construction of ships.

Hassle-free Installation

You can create custom steel pipes to any required height, width and strength to meet your particular job requirements. They can be easily modified on site, so they can be installed easily. Any repairs or modifications necessary after installation can be done easily and quickly because steel is a very convenient metal to use.

Friendly to the environment

Believe it or not, steel is an excellent way to look at the local environment. Every year, around 70% of the steel used in Oklahoma is recycled. Without losing quality and strength, steel can be frequently recycled.

Contact International Pipes in Oklahoma if you wish to go for seamless pipe up gradation.