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A106 and A153 are the most used steel pipes in industry. Both pipes are very similar by their looks. However, there are some of the basic differences in terms of specification and quality. Purchasing right quality pipes needs the basic understanding of seamless and welded seam pipes. Talk to pipe pile suppliers to know in details.

Seamless vs Welded pipe

Both A106 and A53 pipe are quite similar in terms of chemical makeup and manufacture. A106 pipe should be seamless. On the other hand, A53 should be seamless or welded. Welded seam pipe consists of a steel plate by joining the edges of a weld. On the other hand, seamless pipes consist of piercing cylindrical bars when it is hot.

A53 pipe is better for air transport, followed by water and steam support. It is mostly used for structural steel. Conversely, A106 pipe is formulated for high-temperature service. It is used for power generation applications. Seamless pipes are generally used in high-heat areas to put added stress on pipes. As seamless pipes have less risk of failure, these types of pipes are preferred for welded counterparts.

Chemical makeup difference

The main difference lies in between the chemical composition. A106 pipe has silicon. On the other hand, A53 pipe is free from silicon. With the presence of silicon, it improves the heat resistance. It is rated for high-temperature service. Without the exposure of silicon, high temperatures can weaken the pipe. In turn, it will weaken the pipe by increasing the failure.

Pipe standard depends on the varying amounts of sulphur and phosphorus. Trace elements of these elements adds machinability to steel pipe.

What pipe you should purchase?

Make sure you are checking the clarity while buying A106 or A53 carbon steel pipe. Pipe pile suppliers usually buy this kind of pipes. If the specification is not clear, a pipe seller can ask questions. However, this can be time-consuming.

To avoid this kind of situation, buyers should confirm the specifications. Keeping good records will help to add efficiency.

At International Pipe & Supply, piping experts can train the buyers for determining the right pipe. See our product catalog to choose your one. To get industry best pipe in OKC, you can contact us. We are committed to providing you top-notch quality pipes irrespective of time and place.