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Based on instant availability and finances and more consistent thickness, North American customers prefer sold steel tubes. The material and, the manufacturing methods give rise to its characteristics. See what you should know as a steel pipe buyer.

Welded steel pipes manufacturing: Classification

Companies manufacture and shape weld soldered steel pipes using flat substrates like stainless steel plates or HR coils. Different approaches can result in the classification of pipes. It is considered by experts about the steel pipe, whether it is straight seam or a welded spiral. Other materials can be divided into mining, oil boiling, planting, or manufacturing for example.

The method is one of the most frequent ways to classify welded steel tubes. This means classification of stainless steel pipes according to the manufacturing process. The findings are graded as one of three. The following are:

  • Welded (ERW) electrical resistance: the ERW is high frequency and low frequency. The type of welded steel pipe is the product of a longitudinally welded HR spindle, restricted to a maximum size of about 24 inches in diameter.
  • Longitudinal (LSAW or DSAW): heavy steel plate is the main substratum of this process. The manufacturers are using one of two types, the submerged arc sold and the dual arc welded (DSAW). A straight seam stretches the entire length of the pipe to the resulting flat plate. Standard sizes between 12m and 18m for this type of pipe. The weld quality is high with low or no defects using this process.
  • Longitudinal Spring welded or spiral soldered: Spring welded is the product of a circular motion, as its name suggests. The platform is taken by the manufacturer and the substratum of an HR coil or steel platform is sold in a spire. This process is known as helical arc-sudded (HSAW). The effect is longer and thicker than other processes. This method is generally favored as it is straightforward, effective, cost-efficient and fast.

Regardless of how the welded steel pipe is classified, the demand remains high for both manufacturers and dealers. Diversification is one way to keep earnings consistent. In order to ensure that producers and distributors remain worldwide competitive, consistency, and even beyond the requirements of organizations like the API are necessary. International Pipe continues to provide its customers with the consistency of the welded steel pipes that include OCTG’s and water wells.

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